The John Williams Funeral Service has provided a reliable funeral for generations of local families since 1890.

We are based in Bradford Street, Shifnal - the origin of which is no doubt linked to the sizeable estate of Lord Bradford (at Weston Park) - occupying an ancient town house dating back to the early 1700's.

We were formerly based in Aston Street, just around the corner from Bradford Street, and the original family worked from home which was  next to the wood yard which still exists in the same location.

Funeral directors were originally known as 'undertakers' - because a tradesman would 'undertake' the task of providing a coffin together with the general oversight of the funeral; from house, to church and then churchyard; often utilising the parish bier to wheel the coffin to church, where 'pallbearers' would carry the coffin into church, and afterwards to the grave. In those days, cremation was an option mostly unavailable to local folk (the first cremation taking place at Woking, Surrey, in March 1885).

Locally, Bushbury Crematorium, in Wolverhampton, opened some decades later, in 1954; with Emstrey Crematorium opening some four years later, in 1958; making the option of cremation more accessible to the people of South Shropshire.

Since 1992, when the late Christopher Williams acquired the John Williams business, thus continuing the family name in Shifnal, we have maintained and enhanced the service provided to the community, both locally and further afield.

Our reputation in the community and surrounding areas is built on a long tradition of personal and professional service, and we are committed to upholding this tradition for the next generation of our family; through investment back into our business, keeping abreast of modern options for a bespoke funeral service, and our personal aspiration to serve you all properly, and all at an affordable cost.

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