Because families can have their differences...

Our absolute priority is you, our client. You have taken responsibility for instructing us and settling with us financially.

We always observe your confidence (whatever the situation) and we do not judge you, or other parties - that is what makes us completely professional.

We will (and have done) act as an informal intermediary; if you want to include someone, but simply do not wish to speak directly with them. 

Even if you are accompanied by others, and even if they verbally contribute to the arrangement process, we will only accept your direct instruction. If they contact us afterwards, we inform you and double-check the validity of any new instruction.

You may choose to exclude people from visiting the chapel of rest and we would recommend either a "No visits" policy, or a password admittance by prior agreement with you. Alternatively, you might consider that the other people do this at a separate time, or day; to prevent an accidental meeting of one another.

However, a funeral is a public event, when held in a public place (church, chapel, etc.) - we can create a private funeral by not publishing the event, or allowing the name of the person that has died to appear on any public listing at the crematorium.

Similarly, regarding the ashes: you have absolute control over any decision relating to the ashes of your loved one, and this is backed up by you being 'The Applicant for Cremation' and signing the cremation documentation with us.

Please do not worry about any given situation - we will have an answer.

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